New South


New South is a graduate student edited journal featuring fiction, nonfiction, poetry, essays, portfolios and book reviews from across the United States. In addition to running an annual contest and publishing two issues a year, New South also stages student readings on and off campus and features a select number of outside readers.

Where Can I Find New South?
New South is published twice a year. Copies are free for Georgia State University students and are distributed across campus. Students who cannot locate a copy can visit New South located on the ninth floor of Langdale Hall, Room 946.

Individuals who are off campus have a variety of subscription options for New South. Visit the Purchase section of the New South website for more information.

Writers interested in submitting entries for consideration should visit the journal’s online submission manager or mail entries to:
New South
Georgia State University
25 Park Place NE
Room 2234
Atlanta, GA 30303