Student Organizations

Student Media Organizations

Students, faculty and the general community can keep track of news developments on Georgia State University campuses and in Atlanta through a variety of Student Media outlets.

The Signal is the primary source for student-gathered news on campus. The paper features original investigative journalism in addition to features on arts communities on campus and within Atlanta. As well as publishing weekly editions in the fall and spring semesters, the website is updated daily with breaking news developments. Album 88’s news team regularly provides interviews with campus and city figures during the 7 p.m. time slot on weekdays and GSTV’s Panther Report provides regular video news updates via its website.

Student Media provides an outlet to create awareness for happenings on campus. The Signal provides a campus calendar of events in addition to frequently covering student-led clubs and events. GSTV provides both live and recorded coverage of campus professors, speakers and staff, as well as in-depth interviews.

In addition to covering the work of professors in its news team’s interview segments, Album 88 provides at least one public service announcement per hour devoted to events related to Georgia State and one public service announcement per hour for nonprofit organizations.

Local Arts
Student Media profiles local musicians and writers. Both New South and Underground provide a number of readings featuring its volunteers and other members of the Georgia State English department and Atlanta English community. Underground is a venue for undergraduate students to publish their creative works, and it has recently expanded its focus beyond literature to focus on music and experimental audio pieces.

Album 88 frequently features local bands in its regular rotation as well as on the weekly Sunday evening program, The Georgia Music Show. It is celebrated by the College Media Journal for providing an up-to-date rotation emulated by college stations across the United States.

GSTV is an avenue for student filmmakers to pursue their creative vision, with a production staff that works over the course of three semesters to develop four original programs, conduct principal filming and edit and finalize the content in the Spring semester. This year’s work can be found on the production team’s section of GSTV’s website.

Student interested in reviewing pop culture and interviewing artists are encouraged to volunteer for The Signal and GSTV, which regularly feature movie, television and CD reviews or for the Digital Media Group in the form of podcasts such as Movies at State.

Student Media covers school athletics both during and after events. Album 88 provides live broadcasts of select football games, men’s and women’s basketball games and baseball games. The Signal provides reviews of athletics across the school from football to basketball to golf to volleyball. GSTV provides both sports news and talk via its flagship program Primetime Sportz.