Students Explore “Safe Haven” with Underground

Posted On October 13, 2020
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The Underground staff decided that in unconventional times, there had to be an unconventional way to encourage students to submit work for the next issue. They found that way by focusing on the theme of their upcoming issue.

Collaborating with The Remedy, Underground hosted a workshop night on September 16. The digital event was open and free to Georgia State students. It focused on the concept of “Safe Haven.”

The event proved to be creatively productive for 18 students. More importantly, it was a chance to develop organizational skills that will serve them outside of their art.

Meeting over video call, the workshop started with an introduction to the journal for those students wanting to get involved by submitting their work or volunteering. After introductions, the group talked about the issue theme. Attendees explored the idea of what their own personal safe havens might look like.

After a guided meditation on the “Safe Haven” concept, students moved into a journaling session centered on time management and scheduling. Discussion prompts were provided to the group, and the subsequent conversation focused on the creation of safe spaces not only for students but for those around them.

This type of activity demonstrates the creative will of the students to not only improve their work but connect it to the world around them.

~ Bryce McNeil, Director of Student Media

After sharing schedules and finishing an extensive conversation on work and rest balance in a time of quarantine, the students moved to a guided art activity. Students were directed in crafting a digital collage out of elements that embodied the theme.

The upcoming Fall issue will be the third straight themed issue for Underground. Previous issues include “Take Root” and “In Transit.” The former issue earned the journal its first-ever spot as a finalist for Associated Collegiate Press Pacemaker honors.

Students are encouraged to visit the Underground website and Panther Involvement Network portal to learn more about past editions and about how to submit their work for future consideration.

I was happy that everyone showed up to spend an evening focused on creating art and checking in on our own well-being during such a chaotic semester.

~ Harrison Gallo, Underground Editor-in-Chief