Student Share Knowledge Via Online Travelogue

Posted On July 31, 2018
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When Georgia State media students are on the road, it’s all about knowledge and networking.

Previously, media students shared their experiences in staff meetings and on social media. Now, thanks to a shared blog site, students who stay home are inspired to work for a chance to go to future conferences by getting an online glimpse of what the travelers learned., features blog posts and photographs from conferences near and far and it is curated by Georgia State students. Assistant Director for Student Media Bryce McNeil suggested the concept in 2017 based on a similar website from Elon University in North Carolina.

We feel that students who get the opportunity to travel have a responsibility to share what they learn.

~ Bryce McNeil, Ph.D., Assistant Director for Student Media

Whether it’s a short drive to the Georgia Press Institute in Athens or a flight to San Antonio for the College Broadcasters Inc. conference, the opportunity to travel to a state or national convention is a huge attraction for students. But with opportunity comes responsibility. Now, students who travel also recap their experiences online at the Student Media travelogue. They blog about the highlights and take photos, but all are asked to contribute to the online account of events.

With each story, we learn new things from our community and ourselves. We hope to build off that momentum and deliver even more engaging stories to our viewers

~ Kevin Sanchez, GSTV News Assistant

Students have shared knowledge on a variety of topics thus far, ranging from branding to podcasting to photo and video journalism to media law. Moreoever, they are encouraged to be fully honest in their postings– whether they loved their sessions or found them lacking.

The students’ most recent educational opportunity came at the College Media Mega Workshop in Minneapolis, Mn., where learning tracks and workshops ranged from radio management to a variety of news reporting sessions. The students also collectively had an opportunity to take in a variety of keynotes on the theme of diversity in media.

(It) couldn’t have come at a better time for our new leadership team. The workshop created an environment facilitative of focused learning and shared experiences, and the relationships we’ve forged will provide support for the rest of our college careers.

~ Daniel Varitek, The Signal Editor-in-Chief

Not only will the blog cover conferences out of town, students who attend student media events at Georgia State will be encouraged to write about them. Student Media hosts its biennial Modern Media Conference in 2019, and students will be encouraged to share their insights at that event as well.

The trip to the College Mega Mega Workshop in Minneapolis taught me valuable skills and strategies I can use at Underground. I left the conference feeling excited about all that I learned and the ideas I want to implement this upcoming year!

~ Grace Aldis, Underground Editor-in-Chief

Students can read the Student Medialogue blog to find out about Georgia State students picking up advice and media skills. Students looking to get involved with Student Media for the Fall 2018 semester are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Media at 404-413-1592.