MMC17 Lineup Showcases Benefits of Student Media

Posted On September 22, 2017
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For students interested in writing, journalism, radio, television and other media careers, Georgia State University will be hosting the fifth Modern Media Conference on Thursday and Friday. The conference will include speakers from organizations such as CNN, TIME, VICE Magazine and The Atlanta Journal Constitution, among others.

More importantly, it will showcase how Student Media can lead to future success. There are eight media professionals on the schedule that have translated their Student Media experience into a career, including keynote speaker D.W. Pine.

Pine, also the 2015 featured speaker, is Creative Director for TIME. He was Editor-in-Chief for The Signal in 1989-90. The subject of his presentation is “The Art of Trump and the TIME Cover.”

Ciara Frisbie, an investigative journalist that freelances for CNN, is also one of those success stories. The 2016 graduate was News Editor for The Signal and News Director for GSTV during her time at Georgia State. She will discuss the challenges and triumphs of becoming an investigative journalist.

While there has been more attention brought to investigative reporting in the last several years, I don’t think that a lot of student journalists have an avenue or an idea of how to get into it.

~ Ciara Frisbie, data/investigative journalist

Students can expect an interactive experience. Frisbie wants to learn from the current students as well.

I find that too often, journalists (when they are at conferences) talk too much about themselves and do not actually get down to the questions that students are burning to hear about or ask. I want to spend most of my time talking to them and picking their brains.

~ Frisbie

Bob Carter was a DJ for Album 88 from 1992 to 1995. His voice is still on the radio as part of the Total Traffic & Weather Network. It has also been featured in over 60 films, television shows and video games. He and his wife, September Day Carter, are a power duo in voice work, running the Neighborhood Studio.

They will provide MMC’s featured workshop on Friday, a five hour training session titled “Unleash Your Awesome!”

Being a voice-actor is an incredible opportunity because you can be a professional everywhere. I love helping people do what I do. I’m giving away knowledge that is profitable.

~ September Day Carter, The Neighborhood Studio

Other Student Media alum speaking at MMC17 include:
Jasmina Alston (GSTV, The Signal), multimedia journalist for ABC 33/40 in Birmingham, AL
John Asante (Album 88), Senior Producer for Stitcher
Abby Carney (The Signal), freelance journalist and editor of Edible Queens website
Anna Norris (The Signal), Digital Editor for the Weather Company
Alex Osiadacz (GSTV, The Signal), multimedia journalist for First Coast News in Jacksonville, FL

Asante, now residing in Los Angeles after several years in public radio in New York, is looking forward to meeting current Student Media volunteers to talk podcast production.

At Album 88, I started my road to being a versatile radio producer– from writing and interviewing, to hosting and editing audio. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned with current Georgia State students

~ Asante

Ellis Jones, a Georgia State alum and Editor-in-Chief of VICE Magazine, will kick off MMC17 with a featured presentation at noon on Thursday. The event is free for Georgia State students and $20 for non-students. Students looking to register and find out more information can visit or call 404-413-1592.