The Signal Begins New Era in August

Posted On August 4, 2016
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Troi Charity started her newspaper career at The Collegian, the student newspaper for Georgia Perimeter College. She was its editor-in-chief in 2013-2014.

Now she begins her second year as editor-in-chief of The Signal, and she finds herself in a familiar position of welcoming a host of former Collegian staff members and new volunteers from Perimeter College.

Georgia State University’s consolidation with Perimeter College has expanded the base of distribution for The Signal. Starting with its first fall semester edition, the award-winning paper will cover activities and events at Perimeter College locations as well as the downtown Atlanta campus. The expanded coverage replaces The Collegian’s biweekly distribution.

With the establishment of bureaus and expanding our reporting base, The Signal is more of a training ground for city paper or television affiliate journalism positions than it’s ever been.

– Bryce McNeil, Assistant Director for Student Media

The Signal editor-in-chief Troi Charity is now accepting applications from Perimeter College students for an executive editor, a bureau chief for each of the five Perimeter College campuses, copy editors and a student assistant. (Applications are available.)

The Signal is a place for everyone to come together and learn. You can be curious about media and find a place on staff if you are willing. It’s helped me by getting a front row seat behind what goes into a news organization. I’ve had the opportunity to gain so many skills during my time with student media.

– Troi Charity, Editor-in-Chief, The Signal

The Signal is published every Tuesday during fall and spring semesters alongside daily updates on its website. A nationally recognized and award-winning college newspaper, the paper focuses on providing quality, timely and accurate reporting on the city of Atlanta and the community of Georgia State University. The Signal distributes 8,000 copies weekly across seven campuses in metro Atlanta.

Students interested in learning more volunteer opportunities within The Signal are encouraged to visit The Signal to download an application or to contact Troi Charity.