New Student Media Leaders Selected

Posted On May 31, 2016
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Student Media is gearing up for big changes in 2016, with a new leadership team ready to lead the charge.

Over the course of the Spring semester, the Committee on Student Communications recommended the following students to lead Student Media in 2016-17:

Stephanie Bivins (Album 88 General Manager)
Lauren Booker (Digital Media Group General Manager)
Troi Charity (The Signal Editor-in-Chief)
Stephanie Devine (New South Editor-in-Chief)
Joey Redman (GSTV General Manager)
David Revzin (Underground Editor-in-Chief)

As new students flock to campus in the fall, they will notice some new opportunities. Student Media will be adding positions for the project of editing “88 Sessions,” a series of musical performances at Cinefest. Students from The Collegian are joining The Signal to create a wide-reaching reporting team to reflect the entire Georgia State community. Also, the Digital Media Group will be fielding submissions for podcast ideas to feature on its new mobile app, collating all of Student Media’s vast content.

The Digital Media Group will have new podcasts this year featuring engaging interviews and current events. The podcasts will be catered to the vibrant community at Georgia State University.

– Lauren Booker, Digital Media Group

There will be physical changes as well. The final touches are also being put on a new DJ and production studio for Album 88. The station will have four studios for on-air broadcast and editing purposes including full turntable, CD and automation decks. The GSTV studio will be retrofitted over the summer with new chroma key flooring and sound dampening to accompany software updates to its editing stations.

We are looking forward to exciting new advances in state-of-the-art equipment we will have for 2016-2017, and what new and uncharted territory we can take on as a result.

– Joey Redman, GSTV General Manager

The CSC reviews the operations and advises student media organizations at Georgia State University and allocates their funds. The CSC holds regular meetings, reviews the annual operations of student media, interviews applicants for media head positions, hears grievances specifically related to student media and approves and allocates student media funds.

As per its recently approved bylaws, the Committee will host its first-ever Annual Meeting at 10:30 a.m. on September 9, 2016 at Cinefest. This will allow the student body to ask the leaders questions about media operations and opportunities in the coming year.

In the meantime, Georgia State’s newest student leaders are greeting their new challenges with enthusiasm.

I’m so excited to be the General Manager at the best college radio station in Atlanta and I’m looking forward to doing big things at Album 88 this year!

– Stephanie Bivins, Album 88 General Manager