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9 a.m.-4 p.m. – Registration
The registration desk is located in front of Speaker’s Auditorium in the Student Center. GSU students registering onsite must bring their Panthercard.

9:30-10:20 a.m. – EVERYTHING is Business…and Business Reporting is Good
Some people hear “business news” and think “boring stock market figures no one understands” or “Tycoon X buys another building.” The truth? It could mean covering the Atlanta Braves move, a craft beer company, a politician campaign or beyond. Real commerce journalism covers multiple angles, reaching everyone from the wealthiest entrepreneur to a consumer with $5 in their pocket. We brought reporters from various sections of Atlanta’s most prominent business paper to discuss how stories are assigned by section. After this, you may realize you’re already on the road to business reporting.
Amy Wenk, retail reporter & Doug Sams, commercial real estate editor, Atlanta Business Chronicle
Speaker’s Auditorium #MMCbusiness #MMCjourno

9:30-10:20 a.m. – Think Like a DJ…and Remix Your Chosen Field
Whether you’re a musician, a journalist, a filmmaker…all forms of media now have worldwide audiences thanks to digital technology. But what does this mean for you? How can you brand yourself and your work so that it goes beyond Georgia to the world at large? Derek Woodgate is a futurist: which means that he won’t tell you not how to keep up with changes in your field. Instead, he’ll tell you how you can reconceptualize how you think about your chosen media profession. And soon, you will be the change and the world will follow.
Derek Woodgate, author and president of Futures Lab
Sinclair Suite #MMCfuture #MMCmultimedia #MMCremix

9:30-10:20 a.m. – How It Gets Made: a TV Show
You’ve got a cable TV show idea. Just make a pitch, assemble your team and start shooting, right? Not quite. Scott Tufts is a GSU alum that’s held just about every production credit imaginable. He’s worked on shows featuring Robin Meade, Clark Howard and Greta Van Susteren. And now it’s his job to develop content for the Weather Channel. He shares what he’s learned about taking a show idea from the germ stage to the screen, and what his current job has taught him about putting a TV schedule together.
Scott Tufts, Director of Content Development, The Weather Channel
Lanier Suite #MMCdevelopment #MMCTV

10:30-11:20 a.m. – That Sounds Familiar…: Entering the World of Voiceover Work
When a food company needs someone to describe their product to the public, they don’t just pick someone from the office. When text-to-voice software is developed, a clear and articulate speaker is needed. Enter the voiceover professional! September Day Carter (or “Salli” to IVONA users) has done ads for Mary Kay and Stacy’s Pita Chips plus multiple text-to-voice software programs. Learn about how you get into the voiceover world, get advice on getting good representation and gigs and practice tips to stay at the top of your vocal game.
September Day Carter, voiceover professional
Sinclair Suite #MMCvoice #MMCradio

10:30-11:20 a.m. – From Classroom to Stage to Studio…Back to the Classroom?
Being in a rock band seems like the best way to avoid “growing up and finding a real job.” But what if you could take your love for media and translate it into a “grown up” job- even one you love to boot? David Barbe has played in heralded indie rock ensembles, produced records, founded a studio…and found his way to an academic department along the way. He’ll talk about the importance of following your passion while not sacrificing a realistic career path along the way.
David Barbe, musician/producer and Director of Music Business Certificate Program, University of Georgia
Lanier Suite #MMCmusic #MMCpassion

11:30 a.m.-12:50 p.m. – Featured Speaker
There’s a famous saying that “you can’t go back home,” but Chris Holcomb disproved that with an equally used expression: persistence pays off. In July, WXIA (11Alive) promoted the Atlanta native to its position of Chief Meteorologist. It is the crowning achievement of a distinguished career spanning over 25 years. Holcomb will share the ups and downs of working in one of the top media markets in the country, the challenge of pursuing a specialized form of broadcasting and how he keeps his job fun (even when the WIZometer augers bad news).
Chris Holcomb, WXIA
Speaker’s Auditorium #MMCfeatured #MMCTV #MMCjourno

1-1:50 p.m. – Collecting the Arts and Building the Community
Look around the room as you attend this panel: you and the people around you may be creating the arts culture in Atlanta in five years’ time. We present two 2000s Georgia State alumni that went from being WRAS DJs to members of two of the most prominent forces in Atlanta’s art community. They’ll talk about how whether you’re a writer, a musician, a painter, or just a small-business owner, you can carve your niche without having to take the predictable career path of a “major industry job.”
Erica Jamison, founder/Executive Director, MINT, Mark Dinatale, Operations and Programming Director, Goat Farm Arts Center
Speaker’s Auditorium #MMCarts #MMCcollective

1-1:50 p.m. – When Literature and Journalism Collide Collaborate
Not all journalists stay behind the newspaper or TV station desk for their entire careers: some accumulate enough stories to contribute to the world of literature. But how do you take your “war stories” and turn them into a book? David Beasley transferred from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution to constructing a compelling narrative on 1930s/1940s Georgia. What were the similarities? What were the differences? And should you aspire to be both journalist and author? This panel will address all those questions and more.
David Beasley, author of No Mercy, former reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Lucerne Suite #MMClit #MMCjourno

1-1:50 p.m. – “Your Instagram is BORING” (or “You Tweeted THAT?”): Build Your Digital Identity
It’s easy to forget when you’re a 19 year old college student that you might end up interviewing for a big acting gig, a priced journalism position or for a PR agency spot. A questionable tweet or a shady Instagram pic could prevent you from getting the gig. Just the same, a lack of digital presence could as well. Is your digital presence dynamic and making people think you’re at the center of the action? Find out from a panel of PR and social media professionals that will tell you how to turn your online presence into the best online résumé.
Almeera J. Pratt, ‎Integrated Marketing Communications Specialist at Jackson Spalding, Terry Coniglio, Assistant Director of Social Media at GSU & Matt Henderson, GSU Career Services
Sinclair Suite #MMCdigital #MMCPR

2-2:50 p.m. – One-Person Band: The Multimedia Assignment
You’re taking newswriting classes. You’re taking production classes. You’re taking speech classes. But what happens when it’s time to put it all together…and you’re in charge of shooting and editing the footage on top of updating websites and Twitter? This is the new reality for many reporters today and Blayne Alexander is at the leading edge of putting it all together. Find out what she learned in college, what she picked up on the job and join the discussion on how you can become the reporter-of-all-trades.
Blayne Alexander, WXIA general assignment reporter
Lanier Suite #MMCjourno #MMCmultimedia

2-2:50 p.m. – Filmmaking, Festivals and Fostering Community in Atlanta
Production classes, GSTV, Cinefest, Campus Moviefest…all great resources if you want to move into filmmaking. But once graduation hits, intimidating challenges follow: Finding new outlets for your work. Developing networks so that you can have a crew for your latest idea. Seeking out film festival committees for submission guidelines and feedback. We’ve recruited GSU alumni who’ve moved into the world of local film festivals and events. They’ll share what you need to know about developing your work…and your network with the Atlanta film community.
Kristy Breneman, Programming Director, Atlanta Film Festival, Ruti Jones, Event Director & Mike Morgan, Executive Director, Y’allywood Film Festival
Speaker’s Auditorium #MMCfilm #MMCfestivals

2-2:50 p.m. – Writing Takes Many Forms: National Day on Writing
What do you think when you hear “writer?” Literature? Newswriting? Scriptwriting? The truth is that most of us are writers and apply it to our chosen passions and professions regularly. Many take basic reading and writing skills yet hundreds of millions around the world lack basic writing skills. In October, GSU will participate in the National Day on Writing for the first time. Learn how to become involved and discover the passion for writing that drives its volunteers.
Cristine Busser, Co-Associate Director, GSU Writing Studio & Dan Abitz, Vice President of the Graduate English Association
Lucerne Suite #MMCwriting #MMClit

3-3:50 p.m. – An Animated Discussion – Part 1
Whether it’s the cocksure antics of Archer or the nonsequiir hijinxs of the Aqua Teen squad, cable television has welcomed an influx of animation in the past decade. And our presenters in this panel know a thing or two about the process behind such shows because they’ve helped bring them to life! They’ll talk about the skills you need from your team, the animation process and where it differs (and doesn’t) from conventional filmmaking.
Todd Redner, Director & Jeff Fastner, Animation/Art Director, Floyd County Studios
Speaker’s Auditorium #MMCTV #MMCanimation

3-3:50 p.m. – Turning Science Fantasy into Published Fiction
There are few literary genres with a more demanding audience than science fiction. The sci-fi author is presented with the challenge of building complex layers of world building, taking the fantastic and making it credible, all the while captivating the reader with strong prose. You’ll learn about what it takes to make the fantasy come alive on the page. And you’ll learn the difference between a work with great potential and one that is ready to send to the publisher.
Balogun Ojetade, Steamfunk and New Pulp novelist, Director/Producer
Lucerne Suite #MMClit #MMCscifi

3-3:50 p.m. – Up and Down the Dial – The Landscape of Atlanta Radio
If you like to talk radio, this is your panel! And the experience of our presenters runs the gamut! From college radio to news radio to talk radio and music formats ranging from R&B to rock to classical. They’ll share tips about how to pursue in a career in radio and talk about the skills you’ll need that can carry through format changes and layoffs. Furthermore, learn how the skills you pick up on the job can help you find work in other areas of promotion if the radio well runs dry.
Danni Hood, V103, Producer, Ryan Cameron Morning Show, Elliott Garstin, Southeast Promotion, Glassnote Records and host of WMLB’s Radio Undefined
Location TBD #MMCradio #MMCmusic

4-4:50 p.m. – An Animated Discussion – Part 2
In the second half of our discussion on animation, we’ll talk career paths. How does one go from an interest in art to pursuing a career as a “cel animator.” Or, if you have an idea for a cartoon but have no idea what a “cel animator” is, how do you go about finding one to work with? Our panelists will talk about how you can build a career as an animator and what type of people animators are looking to work with.
Hunter Matheson, Executive Producer & Steve Mank, Audio Director, Primal Screen
Speaker’s Auditorium #MMCTV #MMCanimation

4-4:50 p.m. –Action from All Sidelines: Cover the Sports Beat…ANY Sports Beat
The best sportswriters can go beyond a boring gamer to get the real stories. But being one of the best means more than being a fan. It means getting inside notoriously guarded university athletic programs or evasive team owners. It means covering sports no one else wants to cover. And above all, it means finding the emotion and substance beyond the scoreboard. Find out what the roadblocks to sports reporting are and how you can overcome them.
Ron Thomas, director of Morehouse College Journalism & Sports Program
Lanier Suite #MMCsports #MMCjourno