About GSTV
GSTV streams its content online.

It also airs to the Georgia State housing community on channel 91. A full list of channels at GSU housing is also available.

Periodic airing of GSTV content can be found through People TV .

If you are interested in providing syndicated public affairs programming for GSTV, please contact GSTV Technical Advisor, Kristan Woolford, at 404-413-1859.

What’s On GSTV?

GSTV is now streaming Student Government Association meetings!

The Scoop

A fun – and funny – look at entertainment across the USA.

Dark Knight

Dark Knight Entertainment features the best in the Atlanta hip-hop and R&B scene.

Panther Report

Panther Report brings you news from across Georgia State campus reported by GSTV’s own team of reporters! Samples of Panther Report are available online. If you are interested in being part of the GSTV news team, contact Alex Osiadacz .

RBF: Shorts

RBF Presents: Shorts showcases interviews and films from some of the best up and coming filmmakers in the Atlanta area and beyond.

Musician’s Voice & Indie

Indie ATL features interviews and music from rock/indie rock bands from ATL and across the United States. Indie ATL content courtesy of the Digital Arts & Entertainment Lab at GSU.

Movie Talk

Reviews and feedback on the latest movies from students at the GSTV studio.


Sophomores  is a student-produced 30-minute college comedy which ran originally for two seasons.

Captain Planet

Courtesy of the Captain Planet foundation.